actually FUCK IT i’m not writing the response to this paper because the next three response topics are all about hitler/ww2 ideas and that’s going to be so much easier for me to write about instead of having to deal with comparing this manifesto to a sixty page document about the third estate in the french revolution so i’m going to just get up early and review the materials for the two quizzes i’m going to have okay 

"I think the whole point of being with someone is so you can talk to them and let go of everything, and even when you’re at your worst, they still like you, they still want to speak to you and care about you."

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"ma’am we asked for your resume…this is just a bunch of pages of cat pictures stapled together with glitter glued on them" 

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single, not sure how to mingle

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i had a dream that i was walking around in a shirt with stalks of corn all over it and somebody was like “wtf are u wearing?” and i said “it’s a crop top” i laughed so hard that i woke up

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1. look at ur tummy
2. say “wow this is a cute tummy”
3. congratulations u have a cute tummy

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English Lit drinking game: take a shot every time you try to think of a synonym for “represents”

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